Dedicated to the resurgence, conservation and protection of Detroit Neighborhoods.



Our mission is to help communities thrive through creating solutions for equitable living. We strive to empower and equip individuals, families, neighborhoods and businesses by identifying leadership, resources, and effective strategies that bring about long term change and achievement. We consider a healthy community to be one that is safe, clean, diverse and where creativity, accountability, and hard work fuel economic growth.



1. Community Development 

Promotes community development so people can live with dignity and respect. We take collective responsibility for the welfare of our community. We strive to include members of our community in our work regardless of race, class, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, physical and mental ability, immigration status or criminal history.

2. Promoting Community Control and Accountability

We create opportunities for our community to actively participate in decision-making in our work as well as in their lives. We believe that people should have a say in shaping their physical environment, and that community ownership and leadership provides accountability fundamental to sustaining our efforts over the long term.

3. Innovative Solutions

We acknowledge that today’s conditions may not remain the same tomorrow. We seek innovative, dynamic and entrepreneurial ways to achieve our goals. We recognize that working for broader change requires working collectively with outside partners. We seek collaborations with organizations and stakeholders in our community and beyond that share our values and goals.

4. Sustainability

We pursue development that equitably meets the needs of present and future generations. Sustainable design, construction and maintenance practices improve the quality of life for our residents and community. We seek to make hidden health, social, economic and environmental impacts visible through education, so individuals and collectives can take action.